"The body has always been a source of fascination for me, the experience of it as a sensory mechanism, the joy of understanding it, the challenge of mastering and analysing movement. The principal goal of my art is to share this fascination with others, through performance and teaching, but also through video, image and text."

Born in Hong Kong in 1979, Tara studied dance at Laban centre before going to Oxford to complete a degree in Chinese Studies. While in China for her degree course, Tara studied with some of Asia’s leading dance companies: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Taiwan; Beijing Modern Dance Company; and CCDC, Hong Kong.


While at Oxford, she started to work with Biserk Dance Company, with whom she continued to perform sporadically for five years.

On leaving Oxford Tara spent four months in New York studying at Dance Space Center and dancing for Choreographer Juliette Mapp. She then settled in Paris where she lived for ten years, working with a number of dance companies (including Cie Jacky Auvray, Cie Longuelouve, Prisme International, Cie Gilschamber, Cie Les Orpailleurs) as well as creating her own work.

She founded Tara Pilbrow Dance on her return to the UK in 2011 and created Entangled, Infanla, Waltzing Words and most recently 2+1

Tara moved to the Bay Area in January 2017, making her home in Alameda.  As well as re-creating 2+1 with a local cast, and working on new choreographic works, Tara is excited to be launching Animate Dance Festival, a full day, mixed dance festival on the site of the former military base, Alameda Point.