Having trained and worked as a contemporary dancer for a number of years, the last thing Tara expected was to find herself swept up in the exotic, passionate world of Argentine Tango. She took her first steps in Paris under the tutelage of Carlos Schott and Rosa Forte-Berg, and a year later she travelled to Buenos Aires keen to learn, and to understand more about the history and culture behind the form.

In Buenos Aires Tara studied with many great maestros including Pablo Villaraza and Dana Frigoli, Gustavo Naveira, Mariano ‘Chicho’ Frumboli and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa.

Tara started teaching in 2007 in Paris. She has taught in France, the UK and in Buenos Aires with a number of partners including Pablo Echeverria, Javier Antar, Matthieu Dupré and Amir Giles and Ivan Arandia. Having taught for many years at Negracha, she currently teaches at La Pavadita in Hammersmith. She shares with her students not only her ample knowledge of tango technique, but also an understanding of anatomy and music enriched by her experience of other dance forms. In 2008 she completed a diploma in Spiraldynamik® Technique, a revolutionary movement concept which has greatly influenced both her dancing and her teaching methods.

​As a tango dancer and choreographer Tara has performed in a wide variety of venues, from the Royal Opera House to the British Library. In 2011 she co-choreographed the show Dreaming Cities, for Transtango at King’s Place, and takes part regularly in the River Tango Festival, London.