At the start of the century, confronted with the rising popularity of tango in Paris, the Parisian clergy beseeched Pope Pius to place a ban on the dance form. A pair of Tango dancers were summoned to the Vatican to defend their art-form.
This extraordinary rendez-vous at the Vatican provided the inspiration for Noli Me Tanguere. What might have passed through the minds of musician and dancer as they awaited their audience with his holiness. What did they feel was the essence of this controversial and yet universal art form?

Based on a series of narrative scores, this fully improvised piece has continued to mutate and evolve with every performance. Most recently it was adapted for a site specific performance commissioned by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux for the 50th Anniversary of Le Corbusier.


Choreographer / Performer
Tara Pilbrow
Composer / Performer
Tristan Mace



10/23/2008 le triton, paris
11/25/2009 regard du cygne, paris
04/02/2011 king’s place, london
10/10/2015 la villa savoye, prissy
0705/2015 la villa savoye, poissy