This site-specific dance-theater performance invites an audience of 30 people to experience a radically different ‘Saturday night-out.’ Directed by Alameda resident and choreographer Tara Pilbrow, with music by composer Heather Love, “Stop Drop Drink” follows a group of intrepid performers as they delve into the whys and wherefores of the human desire to gather, to connect and more often than not… to drink..

2 + 1

Captivating audiences from 3 months to 91 years old, 2+1 is a wonderfully accessible dance theatre piece about the rollercoaster-ride of early parenthood. Becoming a parent is such a profound shift in our identity, lifestyle, routine and perception, a period of such intense highs and lows. Performers Amir Giles and Tara Pilbrow navigate the fatigue, confusion, and moments of complete hysteria hand in hand. At the back of the space a washing machine spews out an endless torrent of laundry, sometimes the couple fight back….. sometimes the washing machine wins..


This solo multimedia work looks at how one person grows and develops within an urban environment. The dancer is cradled by a mass of voices, a barrage of words in which voices become sound rather than sense. At first she appears as a child playing in an adult world, self-absorbed, fascinated as much by her own body as the sounds and sights around her. Then gradually comes the discovery of the other, of sensuality, of her body as a means of communication..


At the start of the century, confronted with the rising popularity of tango in Paris, the Parisian clergy beseeched Pope Pius to place a ban on the dance form. A pair of Tango dancers were summoned to the Vatican to defend their art-form. This extraordinary rendez-vous at the Vatican provided the inspiration for Noli Me Tanguere.


This collaboration with Nigerian musician Sola Akingbola focuses on rhythm, the idea of two musicians and two dancers as a percussive and melodic ensemble. Both musicians and dancers work with short musical phrases, building, contrasting, and combining different rhythms, as each of the four artists contributes to the composition of the whole


The piece tells the story of a young couple, from their chance encounter in a train station, through different stages of desire and dependence, as the two gradually become ‘Entangled.’


The Jukebox Installation is a deliberate reference to modern pop culture… for once, art complies to the norms of the market; this is entertainment on demand, with the artist assuming his role as service provider!
The work looks at how the human body, and more specifically, the dancing body, can provide a balance point for the friction and flux of the digital world.